Fall Camping Essentials

Fall is here, and in most parts of the US, the temperatures take a dive. However, this shouldn’t keep you from exploring the various camping sites this beautiful country has to offer. In fact, contrary to popular thoughts, fall is the best time for camping. Our bodies are subjected to less dehydration thanks to the cool weather. And, the cool atmosphere in most high altitude camping sites is best enjoyed during fall. Keeping in mind the substantially low temperatures, here is a list of the camping essentials you need this fall.

Warm clothes

We all know what spells out a camping wardrobe. Cargo pants, jeans, T-shirts, flat shoes (possibly sportswear like trainers), light sweater, etc. Since this is fall, it’s important to factor in the fluctuating cooler temperatures. Carry along sufficient warm clothing. If possible, get the pants, t-shirts, and socks in wool. Wool has a higher affinity for retaining body heat. Throw in a crew top, beanie, pair of woolen gloves and maybe a few warm hoodies.

Hiking backpack

Get a large enough hiking backpack rich with compartments to pack your clothes, toiletries, and devices. A single large backpack can be better handled compared to two or more smaller backpacks. Most hiking backpacks come with room for accommodating the retractable single person tent. They also come with good padding, so weight shouldn’t be an issue.


This is possibly the most important essential. We all need a respectable place to lie down.  A two-person retractable camping tent is the most preferable. A couple can comfortably fit in. When used by a single person, the extra space comes in handy in keeping other stuff safely inside the tent. It creates a sense of security for those with reservations about leaving items like the burner camp stove out in the open.

Sleeping bag

While summertime makes it uncomfortable to properly use a sleeping bag out when camping due to high temperatures, fall is perfect for one. The temperatures dance around 30 degrees Fahrenheit.  This is conducive for breaking into your one-person sleeping bag without sweating due to extreme heat. The double sleeping bag is preferred for couples that are up for a little snuggling.

Camping Stove

A camping stove will not only allow you to do serious cooking even in the most remote areas but also generate a little extra much-needed heat especially at night when temperatures fall even lower.  A double burner is preferred as it doubles up the convenience.


Bring along a stereo speaker and a laptop to keep you entertained during your camping period. Ensure you’ve downloaded some of your favorite shows to watch offline. A little entertainment goes a long way in making the whole experience better.

Portable battery chargers

Your phone, entertainment peripherals, and mini-cooler are bound to run out of power at some point. A portable battery backup system like the RIVER mobile power system comes in handy in such occasions. It packs a capacity of 116,000 mAh and can simultaneously charge up to 11 devices. Moreover, it comes with solar panels to recharge during the day.

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