The Best RV Accessories For An Awesome Road Trip

Road trips are awesome!  Time away from home, with friends or family, taking in the sights of the open road along the way.  Many times the journey itself is more exciting than the destination.  Whether you are going retro and throwing a bag into the back of your Camper Van or looking for trendy, tech-heavy gadgets and gizmos for your top of the range RV, your road trip can definitely benefit from some added extras.

For your next adventure no matter how you get there, here are some tech-friendly accessories, to make your road next road trip the best ever!

  1. GPS and Navigation Apps

Unless you really want to experience life on the road for an extended period of time, a GPS can help you map the journey to your destination, no matter how long you are planning on taking to get there.   With a huge choice of apps available for both iOS and Android, you can simply download one that suits, stick your cellphone up front and follow the instructions at your own pace.  Sophisticated GPS based navigation systems will also offer your traffic warnings and announcements, as well as information on local attractions and facilities.

  1. Clever Coolers

A cooler is an essential for long journeys.  You can choose one that suits your requirements down to a tee.  From single person coolers that keep your lunch cold, to family size, multi-section cool boxes that can cater to the needs of four or more, there is something for everyone.  You can even buy power cooled coolers that will plug into your electricity supply to keep your goodies cooler for longer.

  1. Portable Speaker With Bluetooth Functionality 

Never miss a call or your favorite tunes ever again.  Depending on your budget, there is a good selection of high-tech speakers available to suit your needs and impress your passengers. Stream tunes wirelessly from any smartphone, tablet, or other compatible devices, and answer calls with the capability for everyone in the family to talk at once and be heard.  360 speakers and built-in microphones give crystal clear reception and playback.

  1. Mobile Power Stations

If your cell phone goes dead you could not only lose that vital GPS, but also the only means of making emergency calls should you need assistance on the road. All these your gadgets need to draw power from somewhere, and your 12v socket in your van or RV probably won’t quite cut it. While you may be able to hook up to an electric supply when you reach your destination, for long periods spent on the road or on the trail, you should invest in a mobile power station. Mobile power stations are an investment purchase for sure, but they can be used for a wide variety of applications and can power numerous devices at one time. High-end power stations like the RIVER Mobile Power Station offer an array of charging ports including USB Quick charge 2.0, USB, USB Type C, AC and DC Outlets.

  1. USB Rechargeable Flashlight

These are the bomb!  Find a flashlight design that offers front and side lights to illuminate larger areas.  No need to worry about batteries as these simply plug into a USB charging point while you are on the road.  Lightweight, weatherproof and easy to power, these are a brilliant modern-day update to traditional battery powered flashlights.

Wherever you are headed and however you are getting there, make your next road trip your best equipped ever with a power supply to keep all your super-cool gadget running.

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