Necessary Equipment for Drone Filming

Drones are the modern day unmanned gadgets that we just can’t get enough of. From hobby drones for kids to 4k cameras and high-value UAV’s, drone flying and filming is more popular than ever before.

If you are planning on taking to the air, you will need to ensure that you have all the right equipment with you.  Even the most advanced drones will need a constant supply of fully charged batteries to stay in the air for a decent amount of time.  With the average battery only supplying as little as 20-30 minutes flight time, filming your first aerial movie, or learning to maneuver without getting bent out of shape, will take hours.

So, before you set out for a day of droning, be sure to pack the following:

Back Up Batteries

As we mentioned, most drone batteries won’t power your UAV for more than around 30 minutes.  Be sure to pack extras if you want to stay in the skies for longer periods of time.  Battery size and capacity will vary depending on the type of drone you are looking to fly, but many of them use lithium-based batteries that need to be charged using a reliable power source.  A mobile power station can provide you with the power you need to keep your drone flying high. A portable battery backup system like the RIVER mobile power is perfect for drone enthusiasts. It packs a capacity of 116,000 mAh and can simultaneously charge up to 11 devices. Solar panels can be purchased to recharge during the day.

A Dedicated Controller

If you have really embraced the aerial way, you will be aiming for a much more enlightened experienced that just taking to the sky and hoping for the best. Professional drone pilots use dedicated remote control ground stations to fly with.  Offering capabilities above and beyond mobile app based controllers, these pieces of kit use joysticks to steer the drone and offer feedback from the flight itself.   These need to be fully charged before flying though, and like the batteries will need to be charged again if you are planning a long stay in the sky.

Weatherproof And Protective Cases

Should the weather take a turn for the worse, you need to be able to keep your drone safe and dry.  Most high-end drones will come in some form of protective casing from new.  You can add extra protection by purchasing weatherproof cases that can keep your drone safe from rain, humid conditions and extreme cold.  Drones are delicate creatures and can suffer badly in less than perfect conditions.


Once again, professional drone pilots and serious enthusiasts will use high-end equipment on droning days out. A laptop can be used on site to check the footage taken in the air before you pack it all away for the day.  This way, you can see what needs to be re-shot.  Most laptops have a fair old battery life in them, but topping them up when they get low is good, which is where your RIVER mobile power station comes into its own again.

Crew Radios

If you are planning on covering large areas crew radios are a must-have.  You can use traditional walkie-talkies, or more advanced digital two-way radios to communicate with your fellow flyers. These are more often than not battery operated, but could benefit from mains power to ensure good reception and longer battery life.

Landing Lights

Flying your drone in the dark looks super cool as it flashes and whirrs like a tiny spaceship in the sky.  Landing your drone in the dark, however, is not so cool!  Depending on the size of your UAV you may want to illuminate the landing area before bringing it crashing down to earth.  Small site lights that run on battery power are perfect for lighting up large areas for short periods of time.

Take to the skies and make your aerial debut using the awesome power of the RIVER Mobile Power Station to keep you flying high for longer.

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