Frank Gatto of Frank Gatto & Associates was incorporated in Miami Florida in 1980. Frank had been the full time lighting director at WTVJ in Miami since 1970, running his freelance the company as a part time operation for its first seven years. In 1987 the company began full time operations. His first national clients were ESPN, at that time a new sports cable network just getting started, and USA Network for their sports events. Currently his company does the lighting for most of ESPN’s major location based shows as well as a host of other companies including MLB, Fox Sports and CBS Sports. Frank serves on the Board of Portable Battery Systems and is instrumental in the development of the mobile battery backup systems and the Remote Power systems. Today Frank Gatto & Associates is a major lighting consulting firm serving all of America, the Caribbean, and Latin America & Europe with over 15 lighting directors and crew chiefs.

Brad Dickson was the former Senior Lighting Director / Technical Instructor for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for over 37 years. Brad was a committee member with the Ontario Ministry of Training that set up the Entertainment Industry Power Technician course for Ontario. Brad was responsible for both the lighting design and the power design on many of the film and video productions of the CBC including Variety Shows, Dramas, Comedies, Sports and Live News/International Events, among many others including FIFA soccer, Olympics, and both Pope John Paul’s and Queen Elisabeth’s visits to Canada. While at CBC, Brad created the first all LED lit news studio. Brad embraced the new generation of LED low power equipment and was a natural to team up with Frank Gatto and Marc Kaye to sit on the board of Portable Battery Systems to offer mobile power and back up units and now lighting systems that supply the features needed on location by keeping the end user in mind.

Frank Gatto Jr., Frank Gatto’s son, has worked with Frank in his business as a Lighting Director since the 1980’s. He has lit the sets of College Game Day, Major League Soccer events, the World Series Games and All Star Games. With his knowledge of lighting he worked in producing the first battery prototypes for Portable Battery Systems. His lighting experience on the athletic fields and outdoor sets made him aware that a fairly small, easily carried and lightweight battery was needed, to enable the lighting equipment to be quickly moved on and off the playing field. His work was instrumental in the development of the battery.

Marc Kaye has worked in the manufacturing industry since 1971. He has extensive experience in setting up manufacturing plants in New York and New Jersey and has built businesses from the ground up and made them into successful companies. He has developed and built retail strip malls and large shopping centers in the New York and New Jersey areas and has knowledge in negotiating leases, construction, financing and the supervision of large buildings. In 1988 Marc came to Florida and started a cabinet manufacturing company. In 2010 he brought his business expertise to the LED lighting industry when he partnered with two other people to start Aadyn Technology a manufacturer of LED professional lighting products used for the television production industry. This is how he came into contact with Frank Gatto and Brad Dickson and worked with them to help with their lighting needs for their respective companies. It became apparent over time that having a portable battery powerful enough to power the LED lights off grid would be a huge asset and something that both Frank and Brad would use in their respective television shows. In August of 2014 Marc, Frank, Frank’s son Frank, Jr. and Brad teamed up to create Portable Battery Systems./p>