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The RIVER MOBILE POWER STATION Portable Boating Battery Charger can be recharged with a wall socket, solar power or car jack so you’ll never run out of power for your devices again. Our Portable Battery Charger for Boating is largest of it’s kind with a Capacity of 1 Year Energy Storage. Your Boating essential devices will stay running whether you’re 5 miles offshore or 500 miles from the nearest land and still have enough power to run your entire device lineup with our Portable Battery System made for Boating.

With our Super easy to carry portable battery systems with 116,000mAh and total output of 500W at only 11 pounds….It’s the lightest and toughest portable Boating battery system on the market…

The Most Advanced Portable boating Battery charger on The Planet

Working while Boating? Guess what? It just got a whole lot more fun. Now you can connect with the entire team a gazzillion miles away and not worry about your battery for any device you own! Able to power up to 11 devices at once, The Portable Battery System by RIVER is the only battery charging system you’ll ever need while sailing the world!

Portable Battery System

The right Choice for a portable BOATING battery…

Our Portable Boating Batteries are built tough…Tough enough to sale the high seas or face the perils of the backyard pond….The RIVER Portable Boating Battery will power the way! And while it might look small weighing in at 11 pounds it packs enough juice to power up 11 devices at the exact same time….That’s what makes our portable Boating battery the right choice for you and your family!

RIVER Portable Battery System

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The Choice is Simple…..Choose the #1 Portable Battery Charging System for Boating on The Planet and keep your peace of mind knowing all your devices are powered up and ready when you may need them the most….