Hunting Trip With Tech Extras

Hunting is a popular pastime for many folks throughout America.  The allure of the hunt often extends beyond the kill, as time spent waiting for your rewards is also a chance to get out and explore the great outdoors.  From hunting deer to hunting duck, a weekend spent camo’d up, close to your cabin and in all weather is a truly beautiful thing!

But, sometimes it can get a little dull!  Too much waiting around can begin to irk even the most laid-back of hunters.  It can also get a little lonely, and isolated.  Being able to enjoy the benefits of the natural landscape alongside the benefits of modern communications is that perfect marriage of the old and new for the modern day hunter.

Here’s our guide to the best bits of kit to take with you on your next hunting trip.

  1. A Mobile Power Station

Getting up close to nature probably makes you think of rubbing sticks together to make fire, and doing away with all your modern tech.  But, in reality, you will want and need to take some of your devices and electronic gadgets with you. As far as items you should have in your hunting pack go, a mobile power station could make a significant difference to the length and enjoyment level of your trip.  Investing in a  mobile power station from RIVER will keep your phone charged, your camera gear ready to go and will ensure that should anything untoward happen, you are able to make contact with other folk, quickly and easily.

  1. A Cellphone

Your cell phone is no doubt attached to you everywhere you go, and ready for selfies and social media at a moments notice!  When you are out in the wilds, however, it really is important that you can use it to contact civilization should you need to.  Keeping your battery topped up is vital to ensuring that you never get caught out if you need to make a call.  A mobile power station allows you to use your charger to keep your phone in working order at all times.

  1. A Radio

Sure, you can listen to tunes on your phone, iPod or even a tablet device, but if you want to really enjoy your camping experience a heavy duty digital portable radio is to way to go.  While these work well for a reasonable amount of time using batteries, a mobile power station will allow you to plug your radio in to give you more time to listen to your favorite tunes.

  1. A GoPro or Camera

Capturing the beauty of nature on a camera is one of the best parts of outdoor living.  With such a wide range of digital cameras and filming equipment available today, you can virtually produce your own movie while waiting to make a kill.  From digital still cameras to Go-Pros, when powered up, these gizmos can capture images and footage that you can treasure forever.

  1. Lights

Depending on what you are hunting, and where, lighting equipment could be very useful for you.  Torches and LED lights will give off enough light to make do, but bigger and brighter site lights will illuminate your patch much more successfully.   These heavy-duty lights will need to be powered via a portable power supply.

Power up your hunting trip with a mobile power station from RIVER and make your next hunting trip your best ever.

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