Tailgating Essentials For The Ultimate Experience

The long week has dragged itself enough and the long awaited weekend is finally here. You and your friends decide to have some fun. Two of the most rival football teams face each other on a warm sunny Saturday afternoon. Or, there’s a concert that’s guaranteed to be the most epic thing in your city. What’s better than hopping onto your vehicles for a drive to a sports game or a music concert and having an amazing day of tailgating?!

For the ultimate tailgating experience, you need critical essentials. Nothing is worse than getting to the concert or game and finding out that you forgot to bring the party cups or food. Critical items such as these can turn the whole tailgating experience into a bummer. You surely wouldn’t want to kill the mood especially before the big game starts, its bad luck! Fire up your OneNote or Evernote app, because we have compiled for you a comprehensive list of tailgating essentials for the ultimate experience.

  1. Tailgate umbrellas or tents

It’s going to be a hot day. The atmosphere is great. Everyone’s looking forward to the game or concert in a few hours. Nothing kills the mood like scorching heat from the sun, that’s potentially made worse by the heat from the grill. Umbrellas or tailgate tents come in handy.

  1. Drinks!

This should have topped the list. Part of the ultimate tailgating experience is having beer, water, soda, lemonade, etc.!  Why? Tailgating is often done hours prior to game time.  Make sure that everyone has something including the kiddos.

  1. Ice and Coolers

Warm drinks are the worst, especially on a hot day. Bring along ice coolers to keep the beverages and salads cool for most of the day.

  1. Lawn/beach chairs

Even bars have seats. Why? It’s basic science. Beer and standing up don’t go hand in hand. Moreover, if you have a couple of hours before the game or concert, you won’t have much energy left if you stand all through.

  1. Meat

If there wasn’t a barbeque on a game-day tailgate, then it wasn’t a tailgate at all. Besides, what’s better than a meat and beer combo? Ensure it’s fresh from the store and plenty for everyone.

  1. Charcoal grill

Grilling your own meat is possibly the highlight of any tailgate, of course, rest for the main event. Charcoal grills are preferred compared to hay grills for obvious reasons.

  1. Disposable and basic tableware

Paper cups, plates and disposable spoons and forks are important for dining purposes. Bring along a grill fork, a knife and a chopping board for handling the meat. Sternos are also important for keeping excess food hot for later.

  1. Folding Tables

Bring two of them. One for serving and the other for dining. It gets a bit clumsy handling both your beer and food on both hands.

  1. Music!

It could be from your car’s stereo or a portable speaker. As long its good music then you’re set. Music sets the mood right for any occasion.

  1. A portable charging station

Last but not least, you’ll need a source of power to recharge your phones, the portable speakers, and cameras. If your batteries run out of juice you’re in big trouble. A portable charger, such as the RIVER mobile power station offers 11 ports to simultaneously charge all your devices, easy.

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