Traveling Band Necessities

Going on a tour with your band can be quite exciting. It shows your music is traversing borders in addition to giving you the opportunity to meet with your fans one on one. How then do you travel for weeks entertaining large crowds while maintaining your peace and quality of sound?

You’ll definitely need to prepare for your tour well. This means packing efficiently so that you do not leave essential items behind. Here are some necessities you need to carry along in order to make life a little easier throughout the period you’ll be on tour. While you may not use all of them at all times, you’ll probably need them to conceivably make your shows an ultimate success.

  1. Instruments

This is an important necessity that every travel band must bring along. While you may want to assume that your host will provide you a venue that is all-inclusive, this is sometimes not the case. You know too well that instruments go a long way in distinguishing your sound from the rest. Thus, be sure to bring along your own drums, guitars, and keyboard among other important instruments that your band needs.

  1. A public address system

This is also a must-have necessity that every band must carry along. Having your own PA system will influence a number of things, including the quality of sound that will be projected when you perform. The stronger your PA system is, the more people you can entertain at a time.

  1. Laptop

This is another important item that you need while on tour. While most cell phones can perform essential functions like receiving and sending emails, you will need your laptop to master, mix, and edit the sound, among other things. In fact, your laptop is among the most valued companions when traveling. You will also need it to receive and send emails, check your social media accounts and respond to any pending communication and backup recordings from your gigs including photos.

  1. Batteries and portable chargers

These are a must-have necessity every band needs to consider traveling around with. Batteries can be handy for your pedals or tuner when the plug sockets are all in use. You don’t have to ruin the moment. Instead, the music will play unhindered. You may also use the batteries for charging your mobile phone and laptop among other uses. And if all else fails, having a portable charging system can make all the difference, especially when you’re in remote areas.

  1. Earplugs

Going on tour means moving from one gig to the other while entertaining huge crowds. You should not do this at the expense of your hearing. Ensure that you have earplugs so that you do not blast your eardrums night after night. You do not want to end up with tinnitus when you can actually avoid it.

  1. Spare mic

If you like to use your own mic, be sure to bring them. Besides, the venue’s mic might just break essentially ruining your performance.

  1. Drum breakables

If you’re playing a house kit, you may have restricted access to pedals, stools, and cymbals among others. Therefore, bringing your own is an added advantage.

Whether you’ve just landed your first gig or are veteran musicians with thousands of gigs under your cap, you need to consider all the necessities you need to make your gigs a success.

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